No struts, no fixed gear – that´s why we call her the Evolution! Real sport cruiser.

studio Evolution 2


Evolution is two-seater, cantilever high-wing monoplane with crew sitting side-by-side. The aircraft’s construction is composite, mostly sandwich construction, using either fiberglass or carbon fiber. The wing is tapered, while the main and second spar is made of fiberglass composite. The lift flaps are slotted and tilt to 15 and 30 degrees. The landing gear is three wheeled, either fixed or retractable (electric) with hydraulic disc brakes on the main wheels. The nose wheel is steerable. The tailwing is of classic construction. The fuel tank containing 96 l of gasoline (N95) is integrated in wings.

Electrically retractable undercarriage with 6“ low-pressure wheels on the main landing gear. Braked by open hydraulic braking system. Manual emergency opening. Metal landing gear legs fitted with suppressor.

Dual steering controls the wing and tail flaps via cables. The ailerons are electronically balanced. The tail rudder is controlled by independently-adjustable pedals, connected to the rudder by stainless steel cable. Landing flaps are electronically controlled.

Manufacturer: Rotax Type: 912 UL (ULS) 4-stroke, carburetor, boxer
Cooling: Liquid and air cooled Max. power: 59 kW (74 kW)
Shaft: 5800 rpm Aspirator silencer manufacturer: Rotax
Exhaust manufacturer: Červinka

Manufacturer: Woodcomp s.r.o.
Type: Variable pitch SR 3000/2W dual blade

Manufacturer: Stratos 07 s.r.o.
Type: Magnum 501 HS, located: behind the control panel 4 mm stainless steel cable

Stall speed with flaps extended VSO 65 km/h 35 kn
Stall speed with flaps up and landing gear extended VS1 80 km/h 43 kn
Maximum speed with flaps extended VFE 120 km/h 65 kn
Designed maneuvering speed VA 165 km/h 89 kn
Cruising speed 243 km/h 131 kn
Maximum never exceed speed VNE 270 km/h 146 kn
Maximum turbulent speed VRA 220 km/h 118 kn
Maximum reached speed 311 km/h 168 kn
Takeoff distance over a 15m/50ft obstacle 230 m 754 ft
Climb rate 6 m/sec (20ft/sec) at 160 km/hod 86 kn
Ceiling 4.570 m 15.000 ft
Landing distance over a 15m/50ft obstacle 350 m 1.149 ft
Maximum takeoff weight 472,5 kg 1.042 lbs
Tank capacity 96 l 25 gal
Theoretical flight range 1.400 km 756 nm


Wing span 9.12 m 29.52 ft
Wing area 10,76 sqm 115,77 sqft
Tail span 2,94 m 29,64 ft
Length 6.98 m 22,70 ft
Height 2.10 m 6,87 ft
Wheelbase 1,55 m 5,08 ft
Wheeltrack 1,40 m 4,59 ft
Cabin inner width 1.22 m 48,22 in
Cabin inner height 1.05 m 41,33 in
Flight load factor +4G/-2G

Airspeed indicator
Transverse inclinometer
Oil pressure indicator
Oil temperature indicator
Engine temperature indicator

Gyro horizon
GPS navigation
Glass cockpit

Constant speed from 920,- EUR
Aerodynamic cover of nose wheel from 250,- EUR
Aerodynamic cover of main gear from 375,- EUR
Turn Indicator EGC 710 from 710,- EUR
Variometer from 225,- EUR
G meter -5G/+10G from 300,- EUR
Ampermeter from 75,- EUR
Voltmeter from 75,- EUR
Fuel flowmeter from 484,- EUR
Avionics panel CUSTOM from 275,- EUR
Avionics panel MAHAGONY from 275,- EUR
Avionics panel – leather from 375,- EUR
Headset Flightcom 5DX from 205,- EUR
Headset Sennheiser HMEC 460 from 920,- EUR
Transceiver ICOM 210 + antenna CI122 from 1.580,- EUR
Transceiver Filser ATR500 + accessories from 1.600,- EUR
Transponder Garmin GTX 327A, Eincoder ACK A-30, Ant. CI 105 from 2.200,- EUR
Transponder Garmin GTX 328A, S mode Eincoder,Ant. from 3.350,- EUR
Transponder Filser TRT800, Ant. CI 105 S mode from 2.350,- EUR
Long Range Tanks 2x60l from 730,- EUR
Heated pitot tube from 100,- EUR
Doubled fuel control lever with aretation from 820,- EUR
Seats DE LUXE – fabric from 820,- EUR
Seats DE LUXE – leather from 2.000,- EUR
Leather – upholstered interior from 1.890,- EUR
Landing lights 6 x LEDs (nose wheel) from 250,- EUR
Strobelight in wings from 1.350,- EUR
Strobelight in wings and rudder from 1.550,- EUR
Rescue system Junkers from 3.500,- EUR
Second color from 1.200,- EUR
Graphic design foils from 680,- EUR
Airbrush from 1.200,- EUR